Kramies ‘The Hill Dweller’ Reviewed at Vents Magazine

“While wandering through landscapes that have been deepened by antiquities and fables, American dream-pop troubadour Kramies spent time residing on the grounds of an ancient castle in Ireland. There, over the weeks and within the castle walls, Kramies started the writings of what would become his newest gathering of songs titled Of All The Places Been & Evening The End.
Upon returning home, Kramies teamed up with producers Jason Lytle of Grandaddy, Todd Tobias of Guided by Voices and Jerry Becker of Train to create one of the most nostalgically powerful and emotional folklore journeys in his collection. Tipping the balance between eerie reflections and fairytale laden myths, Of All The Places Been & Everything The End finds you moving within a forest of imagination as the beautifully architected story ends leaving you enchanted and bewitched.
A prog and folk-influenced mini opus akin to Mercury Rev’s classic Deserter’s Songs, the EP covers more ground across its 23-minute run-time than many albums double its length. Given it was the site of the music’s gestation, it’s fitting that the eight-minute epic “Ireland” is the EP’s swaying centrepiece. Single “Everything The End” is an enchanting, unearthly tale of time and loss, coloured by melancholic optimism. And “The Hill Dweller” brings the EP to a goosebump-raising conclusion with its sleigh bells and strings, as Kramies intones, “Now I’m home…””

Vents Magazine

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