Kramies ‘Into The Sparks’ Reviewed at Indiemusic

[Translated from the French via Google. Read the original here.]

“Accompanied by the soft Alma Forrer, Kramies offers us “Into The Sparks,” a lavish and spooky folk ballad set against a matching backdrop.

It all started with a magical and rare encounter between two folk lovers shivering. On one side of the Atlantic, the young Parisian Alma Forrer, author of the first two EPs moving, the eternal and priceless stories. On the other side of the ocean, beyond the trails and mountains in the heart of Colorado lost forests, Denvers Kramies, soulful singer and friend of accomplice exciting Jason Lytle. Together, the two interpreters offer us a rare moment: “Into The Sparks,” an unexpected and delicate conversation between two dreamers, between two sensitivities, distance and both so close. Alma in French and in English Kramies reconnect with the singular art of correspondence; where, when both voices agree to better unite.

This sacred Kramies has not finished surprising us!”


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