Kramies “forêts antiques” Reviewed at My Best Pop & Rock

[Translated from the original French via Google]

“This is a dream. An American dream.

That of an artist still little known among us but which could become the next big revelation of independent music.

Kramies is a singer born in Ohio and currently living in the mountains of Colorado.

At 14, he received a guitar as a gift for Santa Claus.

This is the beginning of a long love story between the young American and the instrument so inspiring.

An admirer of the great names in pop music (Simon and Garkunkel, Elton John) young Kramies many dreams in mind.

Inspired as much by life and its little things that by nature and trees, while the budding artist develops sensitivity and rare musical poetry.

Over the years, our singer is refining his art as a craftsman in the making.

After publishing several EP (very well received by critics), Kramies has published last year, “The Wooden Heart”, a mini-album produced by Jason Lytle (Grandaddy’s father) and Todd Tobias (Guided By Voices) .

Six titles in a folk-inspired music topped with a beautiful color and pop as many invitations to dream.

In the manner of Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust (Space Oditty) or its fellow Mercury Rev and Spiritualized, The cosmo-pop melodies Kramies are populated by ghosts and lost souls.

Just listen to the opening bars of “The European” to be convinced.

Agreements with some (admittedly, unusual) and his voice high-pitched tone, this singer has the power to make you take off. You said dream pop?

It is this double dimension, real and fantasy emerges in tune with its air and light songs.

Last month appeared Forestry Antiques, a live EP taken from his remarkable appearance at the Grand Théâtre d’Angers, in the first part of A Singer Must Die.

Five titles (including one unpublished) to revive this unique and magical moment that the public was able to appreciate Angevin.

The icing on the (already) beautiful cake, the object is in free listening and download on the Bandcamp of Kramies.

A great gift so from an artist to discover and who took our Hexagon affection.

With such talent, independent music still has a very bright future.

Do not pass not next to Kramies because if you do not come to it, come kramies to you. For sure.”

My Best Pop & Rock

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