Kramies & Alma Forrer ‘Into The Sparks’ Reviewed at IndieMusic

[Translated via Google. Read the original here.]

“Accompanied by the sweet Alma Forrer, Kramies offers us “Into The Sparks”, a sumptuous and phantasmagoric folk ballad on a background of correspondence.

Everything started from a magical and rare encounter between two folk lovers. On one side of the Atlantic, the young Parisian Alma Forrer, author of two first emotional EPs, with eternal and inestimable stories. On the other side of the ocean, beyond the paths and mountains, in the heart of Colorado’s forests, Denver’s Kramies, a compelling singer and friend of the exciting Jason Lytle. Together, the two interpreters offer us a rare moment: “Into The Sparks”, an unexpected and fragile conversation between two dreamers, between two sensibilities, at a distance and at the same time so close. Alma in French and Kramies in English revive the singular art of correspondence; Where, when the two voices agree to better unite.

But what we love above all is the story that Kramies offers us to accompany listening and to tell, with his words, this collaboration. We have translated this wonderful introduction:

“A long time ago, there was a magnificent singer named Alma who lived in a sumptuous place called Paris. Far away, far away in the high mountains, lived a silent troubadour named Kramies. One day, as he was walking through the woods, he began to sing a mysterious song. And as she crouched in her garden, thousands of miles away, Alma also began to sing a curious melody. On that fateful day, their voices crossed the oceans, crossed the small towns and dark forests of greenery to find themselves … and when they finally collided, they gave birth to a magnificent and ethereal song; Into The Sparks.

This sacred Kramies has not yet finished surprising us!”


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