[Translated from the original Dutch via Google]

“One year ago the album Moonchy & Tobias brings together two special musicians, namely the Italian vocalist Pat Moonchy and the American multi-instrumentalist Todd Tobias. Moonchy has already released music under her own name, but can also be found in Sothiac, Doubleganger, One Lip 5, Pat Moonchy Trio and Tai No-Orchestra. Tobias in turn already has a broad and rich musical past with bands like 4 Coyotes, Brother Earth, Clouds Forming Crowns, Circus Devils (with Robert Pollard from Guided By Voices), Ricked Wicky and Psycho And The Birds. In addition, he does not leave himself unassumed in the solo field, since from 2012 albums will appear under his own name with some regularity and last year also one with Chloë March. Now Moonchy and Tobias are back with Atmosfere, of course released in the idiosyncratic, fun micro-label Tiny Room, where they sail a different course. No longer that whimsical mix of neoclassical, ambient, wave, avant-garde, gothic, art, post and psychedelic rock, but a subtle singer-songwriter sound. Guitar strumming thickened with moody electronics often form the basis on which Moonchy can show off her singing skills, which somehow sound like Chinese. Nevertheless, she also makes a more subdued sound. Where the music at first glance sounds a bit more ‘ordinary’, they make a profit here with the melancholy and mysterious atmosphere. That again results in a special (and) beautiful album, for which I also can’t easily come up with comparison material.”

De Subjectivisten