Brother Earth ‘Out Like A Lion’ Single – Free Download

Brother EarthWe’re super excited to announce the release of ‘Out Like A Lion’, the new single by American duo Brother Earth, a collaboration between multi-instrumentalist/producer Todd Tobias (Circus Devils, Robert Pollard, GBV producer) and vocalist Steve Five (The Library is on Fire). ‘Out Like A Lion’ is taken from their forthcoming album Positive Haywires (16th Sept 2014) through Hidden Shoal.

Negotiating the smoky ambience of ‘Out Like A Lion’ feels like squinting into the dark and tiptoeing down a staircase covered in moss. The darkness is pressing in all around you, but the insistence of the percussion and nylon-string guitar tugs you onward, mesmerised by the incantatory vocal. ‘Out Like A Lion’ is the first cut from the forthcoming Brother Earth album Positive Haywires, which vacillates between brooding textural pieces and exuberant rock’n’roll at the drop of a hat, chasing the ghosts of pop music past into a hall of cracked mirrors.

Grab the free download at Bandcamp or stream the track at SoundCloud.

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