Antonymes 'The Licence To Interpret Dreams' – Ondarock

Excerpt [translated]: “Noises, voices and fragments of sound collected in remote and abandoned areas are Hazeldine’s substrate around which he built his first album… As already revealed by its evocative title, The Licence To Interpret Dreams is more than an album; it is a dream narrative based on the themes of nostalgia, divided into twelve episodes… in spite of references to dreams, the atmosphere of the album is anything but languid and dreamy, but rather marked by very deep alienation, in which sinuous environmental recordings coexist with sparse piano notes and a mournful string section, which adds a sense of distant romance, often shifting into miniature symphonies of loss and regret… The ultimate essence of The Licence To Interpret Dreams remains that of a cerebral journey into the recesses of memory, photography, and, ultimately, emotion, carried out without too many conceptual superstructures, and full of nuances that reveal themselves every time you listen… this is not only music for dreams, but rather a complex mosaic by a romantic minimalist, praised over the years and now able, with great precision, to capture snapshots of light and darkness.


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