Todd Tobias “Gila Man” Reviewed at Music Won’t Save You

[Translated via Google. Read the original here.]

“With each new disc, Todd Tobias is a narrative context and a landscaped horizon to fill with their sound visions. In “Gila Man” is not, as in the two previous albums, the conceptual track originated from a novel, but a well-defined geographical and in some respects cultural reference, similar to that in the recent ” Tristes Tropiques ” (2015) he had projected toward deep feeling environmental nostalgia.

This time the chosen reference by the context of Ohio is less exotic, but no less fascinating: it is the boundless spaces of the West, observed with film director eyes and rendered in music in a hybrid between a substantive approach based dusty epic and one of the all fantastic, fully consistent with the imaginative ambience usually created by Tobias.

But there is more in the fourteen short fragments that form “Gila Man”, defined from the usual blanket of layers, pulses and synthetic trails, at which occasion are associated acoustic fragments, derailments foley artists and, above all, the dreamy vocals of Chloë March . The result is an unprecedented insight into the theme as normally understood, its declination well away from the clichés and fit, rather, in a spaghetti western totally surreal.

Music Won’t Save You

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