Kramies ‘I Wished I Missed You’ Reviewed at Soul Kitchen

[Translated from the French via Google]

“Marcel Proust wrote in Les plaisirs et les jours : “Is not absence, for those who love, the most certain, the most effective, the most vivacious, the most indestructible, the most faithful of presences?”
I Wish I Missed You is an ode to this absence and presence that does not fade when we loved, when we love. A forest of recollections, fleeting, between sweetness and violence.

Spring 2017, Kramies travels to Ireland where he begins to write new songs for his next album. There, he lives in an old castle and immerses himself in the sumptuous landscapes of the surroundings. During the design of this new album, comes a collection of extra songs recorded very simply to capture the spirit of the place. I Wish I Missed You is one of them.”

Soul Kitchen

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