“Following a companion volume released this spring, Washington-based Drew Sullivan continues to confirm his status as a master of instrumental melodic ambience. As its title suggests, the Torchlight Parade series is ideally suited to night-time listening, with synths sparkling over the minimal beats of The Ridpath like something by the foolishly undervalued Marconi Union, and the exquisite Monroe threatening to storm like Mogwai, but instead exercising a soothing restraint worthy of The Album Leaf. Browne’s Addition, meanwhile, offers rich, slow-paced synth chords recalling the late-80s instrumental work of David Sylvian – most notably Gone To Earth. Other leftfield 80s analogies are also appropriate: Marycliff adds echoing, Durutti Column-style guitar chords to its mysteriously mournful atmosphere, and there are, inevitably, echoes of Eno’s More Music For Films on Skagit and The Campbell House. That the collection also recalls the comedown music of the mid 1990s underlines its timeless appeal.”

Long Live Vinyl (Wyndham Wallace)