“The title of Slow Dancing Society’s latest EP is rather apropos: the languid guitar lines and sparkling synthesizers create a sense of day passing into night, of sunlight giving way to a mysterious, even dangerous darkness. “Remember, Love” easily sets the mood, as Drew Sullivan’s guitar lines shimmer and reflect off of dark electronic undercurrents. In keeping with the song’s title, there’s a nostalgic sense — but the guitar notes reveal an edge in the song’s final moments that keeps it from growing too sentimental.

Those undercurrents reappear on “Pulsing Amber,” this time evoking empty city streets coated in a slick of rain and neon light. Meanwhile, “Do You Want to Get out of Here“‘s gentle synthwave wouldn’t be out of place on the Stranger Things soundtrack. Finally, the EP ends on a harrowing note with the creepy synths and roiling guitar distortion of “The Morning After,” which suggest something ominous took place the night before.

At only 16 minutes, these songs can seem more like sketches, but to Sullivan’s credit, each one feels fully-formed (and, at the risk of sounding clichéd, like imaginary film scores) — each capable of firing one’s imagination enough to wonder what keeps happening after the music ends, and the morning returns.”