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Perth is the place of origin and a meeting of four musicians who have identified in the Australian city at the heart of a collaboration that on the occasion of the first album “Babes, Water, Waves” (2012) was held at a distance.  According to the “What’s Your Utopia? “instead sees the band consists of three members of Apricot Rail and songwriter Michael Dolan work out a more organic approach, epitomized by the creation in presence, in places ranging from a study of Perth (just) a rudimentary environments of the south West Australian, nine new tracks in which they recast a kaleidoscopic synthesis of electronic pop from the broken rhythms and contours of dreamy psychedelia.

Right from the opening track “Drank And Kites And Tomorrow”, also released as a single, the Australian band fills out a patchwork of pronounced rhythmic emphasis, in which keyboards and vocal reverbs outline a texture from light flavor kraut, but updated to post-rock chicagoano and recent experience of mingling of languages, from Caribou to Flying Lotus. Not only is synthetic vibrations made the album, however, that the substrate shimmering sounds of interstellar engages arrangements of brass, escapes sci-fi and current environmental equivalents of sound fragments buttons but only apparently accidental.

Among tremors insistent and twisting by the dense grain foley, “What’s Your Utopia?” Gives, however, the best in the simplest steps and, in a sense, “pop”, or when the palette of the four Australian deviates to a nice pop folktronico mold Morr Music (“Saw Promenade”, “Collapsible Lung”) or to un’ambience dotted microsounds that may be rethinking the early Múm .

The more than ten minutes of the final “Viewmaster” then put the seal with an overdrive ratio fading leads into dense reverb drifts space taken by Perth with an album so multifaceted and visionary.

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