“…perth (lower case “p” intended) are a part of this study and their sophomore recording “What’s Your Utopia?” continues in the vein of shoegaze/post rock that the label loves. perth’s approach is somewhat unique in that they don’t stick to just one of these styles but mix it up in a gorgeous and lush soundscape filled with found sound loops and beats, electronic glitches and scratches, the ever present breathy muddled vocals and that rich and full guitar and electronic sound that so much identifies shoegaze dream pop The lyrics are bittersweet tales of longing, hope, and sorrow. Lots of big breaths and sighs when listening but oh so true. Sometimes a listener just needs this sentiment expressed in this way. “What’s Your Utopia?” mixes it up enough to keep you guessing and then when you finally let go it becomes a part of your day. Not background music but “inside” music, music inside of you. Let go.”