[Translated from the French via Google]

“Re-appeared after seven years without news last year with an album of Arc Lab, Medard Fischer also starts publishing under his own name, still on Hidden Shoal Recordings he had already joined for his other project, and still in digital version only. For this release, the Australian abandons the neo-classic that he had indulged in the past, to embrace a beautifully enveloping electronica-ambient, made of superposition of tablecloths able to mislead the listener in their intertwining.

Eager to play on the somewhat random character of combinations that can give the simultaneous presence of different components, Medard Fischer manages to create meetings capable of instilling an atmosphere between relaxation and a mini-vertigo ( No Input ). While the virtual absence of rhythm could give rise to fear of a form of evanescence a little too pronounced, the addition of some micro-saturations or “electronic winds” ( You Can not Be Gone If You Were Never Anywhere To Start , Pretty title besides) brings more consistency to his compositions.

The piano can also reappear, to confer a different color, more free in its style of play ( Fundamentals ) or much richer in melodic contribution ( Measured Time ), just as some electronic chromatic scraps know how to pull the set to a look more childish ( Everything Will Become Light Some Day ) or that features seem comparable to those of a guitar treated (the title track). This series of descriptions shows that, while maintaining a good homogeneity, Medard Fischer succeeds in diversifying its purpose, by the grace of sufficiently varied materials from one title to another.”