Kryshe’s “In Between” Out Now!

KrysheHidden Shoal is proud to announce the release of the stunning new EP In Between by German artist Kryshe. The EP is available now via Kryshe’s Bandcamp along with the freely downloadable track ‘Africa’. In Between is also now part of the Hidden Shoal licensing catalogue.

As its name suggests, In Between lives and breathes in the spaces around each carefully played note. This exquisitely subtle and detailed five-track EP resonates with chilly grandeur and heartening warmth. Across spacious vistas reminiscent of the collaborative work of Brian Eno and Harold Budd, delicate yet assured melodies unfurl before being subjected to delicate manipulation. This is enveloping, minimal music with a fragility that belies its emotional potency.

Opening with the shimmering piano melodies and tape-chewed ambience of the majestic title track, with detours via the angelic music-box miniature ‘Iceland’ and the glitch-scarred sustain-scapes of ‘Africa’, and concluding with the achingly melancholic ‘Lullaby’, In Between is a perfectly formed release that announces an understated new ambient craftsman.

“Pressed with the poise and steeled with the atmospheric tenderness of Antonymes and softly coaxed by the delicately yearn of Vini Reilly this gem provides one of those rare occasional moments which once veered into earshot has jaws dropped agape and clocks literally frozen still.”The Sunday Experience

Be sure to get your ears in front of this as it really is something special.

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