“It is honestly a coincidence that two singer-songwriters who have blown me away this month share my name! But none of us are related! The ever-consistent Chloë March returned and stormed into the fresh faves with the haunting melancholy of To a place. Like all her best songs, it has an otherworldly quality with swirling synths and Chloë’s fantastic alto voice delivering a melody that cuts my emotions to ribbons. I duly chose it to be my Vanishing Point track on Ming & Jon’s Monday Night Ride Out show on Exile FM. Opinion from all those who commented was unanimous on the song’s unique beauty.

March has also been on my radar for a while and she returned with a stunning track called For the world which I also picked as a Vanishing Point track. We had the luxury of her performing it live in lockdown with just guitar and voice for Trust The Doc TV while being able to play the full production version on my radio show. The live version underlined the quality of her vocals and was compelling to watch and listen to. Look it up on Edition 9 of the TV show if you have not already done so. Then the single showed what could be done with such a well-written song, brooding and building from minimal start before hitting with a kind of coda at the end that is butterflies-inducing. March is currently studying at the amazing Institute of Contemporary Music Practice where I am likely to be delivering some lectures in the new future. She is in the right place for her considerable talent to be guided in a positive direction.”

Trust The Doc