FragmentsHidden Shoal is excited to announce the release of  Fragments Vol. 1, the new EP  from Italian electronic producer Willem Gator. The EP is available now via Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and most other online stores. The music of Willem Gator is available for licensing (film, tv, web and more) via Hidden Shoal.

On his new EP as Willem Gator, Giuseppe Musmeci juxtaposes the glimmering tones of Asian stringed instruments against haunting vocal samples, shimmering guitar loops and pounding drum refrains. ‘Fall of Saigon’, ‘Voice of Korea’ and ‘Korean Shaman Exorcist’ all employ these instrumental ingredients to mesmerising effect. At the EP’s heart lies the glowering, reflective ‘Noodles Western’, built around piano, synth strings and pattering cymbals. Closing track ‘Pina’ sees Musmeci’s role in post-rock band HC-B brought to the fore, with drums that would sit right at home on instrumental hip-hop, offset by spiralling instrumental textures.

“an eclectic album of epic melancholic electronica, poised between post rock and clubbing sonority, full of dreamy musical constructions”Wicked Style on Locked-In Syndrome

Willem Gator is Giuseppe Musmeci, self-taught composer, guitarist, electronic musician and member of the Italian post-rock outfit HC-B. Musmeci’s rich background in electronic music production and keen sense of texture sees him creating highly distinctive music. Willem Gator has performed throughout Europe, sharing the stage with musicians such as FM Einhet (Einsturzende Neubauten), Flying Luttenbachers, Unsane, DJ Spooky, Pansonic, Nobokazu Takemura, U-Cef, Battles and Art Brut.