WWashington Hebrewe’re incredibly excited to announce the signing of Washington Hebrew to the Hidden Shoal family. Having performed in The Caribbean since 2000 and with no pressing desire to go ‘solo’ or work outside that secure, familiar context, Washington Hebrew acts as both a leap and bridge for Michael Kentoff. Inspired by his use of samples and loops for installations, remixes and soundtrack projects, Kentoff has employed these raw materials to craft new songs akin to the wonderfully skewed and melodic pop of The Caribbean, but with a magic all its own.

“They are bound to confound your expectations several times on any given album, and if you’re into that, they’re good enough at putting these weird songs together that they can pull you in with surprising ease.”Pitchfork on The Caribbean

Washington Hebrew‘s self-titled debut will see release on April 20, 2017 preceded by a single on March 14th. Read more about Washington Hebrew here.