Excerpt: “Toby Richardson ‘king of all the moves’ (hidden shoal) Been ages since we’ve featured anything by the Aussie imprint Hidden Shoal – seems we’ve taken our eye somewhat off the ball – so be warned there will be the (more than frequent) occasional mentions over the course of the next few missives starting with this their latest release the slated for December outing ‘the stones and the rabbits’ EP by Toby Richardson from which (this available as a free download cut) ’king of all the moves’ is culled. It marks a step aside from the usual mellowed electro ambiance to which hidden shoal set their trade, this little gem arrives somewhat disheveled and scuffed, the skewed melodic terrains point to a power pop prowess scratched and splintered by a disorientating off kilter soft psyche hue brought to bear courtesy of a clipped corkscrewing ’piper-esque’ motif which all gathered together in one brief sitting sounds not unlike a chemically toned meeting of Kevin Tihista and Chris Stamey types swapping notes with Robyn Hitchcock. Needless to say this won’t be the last time you’ll be hearing about Toby Richardson in these skewiff ramblings.”

Losing Today