Three Questions With Todd Tobias

Every few weeks we ask one of the Hidden Shoal artists to choose three questions from a list of many and answer them as they wish. A little bit of fun mixed with a little bit of insight – and a nice preview to the full-length interviews we have lined up throughout the year with all the Hidden Shoal artists.

Todd TobiasOur first three questions are directed at the lovely Todd Tobias. Todd is one half of Brother Earth whose brilliant new album Positive Haywires has just dropped. His next solo album Impossible Cities comes out on the 28th of October (check out the first single here). You may also know him from his collaborations with Robert Pollard (Circus Devils and Pollards solo material) and also as producer of a number of Guided By Voices albums.

So without further ado we ask Todd to reach into the bag and pull out three questions.

Why make music?

It begins with self-enchantment. From there, if the artist is fortunate, it becomes a source of enchantment for others.

If you were writing a soundtrack/score, what director would you most want to work with?

Jan Svankmajer. He is Czech filmmaker whose movies have a surreal quality, mixing live action with animation. His movies are scary and funny at the same time.

What’s the best show you’ve ever been to?

Last summer (2013) I saw the Joffrey Ballet perform to The Rite Of Spring at an outdoor venue here in Ohio called The Blossom Music Center. It was a magical night.

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