[The] Caseworker "Voices Out There" Reviewed at Tome To The Weather Machine

“I love the back story behind [The] Caseworker’s former band, Half Film. A couple of Irish musicians move to San Francisco in the 90’s to start a band. Not because of the Haight-Ashbury scene, or the Bay Area punk rockers, but because of Mark Eitzel. Mark.Eitzel.  Half Film moved to San Francisco to be a slowcore band. I love that. 2/3 of that criminally overlooked band have reformed as [The] Caseworker playing in the similar vein to Codeine, Seam, American Music Club of navel-gazing, plodding guitar music accompanied with some truly inspired outsider pop elements a la Flying Nun Kiwi pop legends The Chills or The Clean. Perfect low-key pop album for walking on decaying leaves on some bright, chilly morning. I also love [The] Caseworker because, as a case worker (case manager is the preferred term for my agency) I totally understand the prevailing sadness and discontent that this album exudes. Welcome to my job.”

Tome To The Weather Machine

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