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Floated the soul of the Velvet Underground, but fortunately there are teams that show who was the inspiration for them. Today the trio [The] caseworker .

Yesterday we received the sad news of the death of Lou Reed. Probably if not for his influence, is today I did not write about the latest album “Voices Out There” [The] caseworker. Some time ago on Polyphonii described the video for the title track, which was another harbinger of the upcoming longplay. The disc is released on Australian label Hidden Shoal Recordings .

Probably many years ago, musicians [The] caseworker, somewhere in the garage under recreated hits the Velvet Underground and Lou Reed himself. In several recordings for the “Voices Out There” clearly can be seen that TVU was a point of reference. On the other hand, we have a clear reference to Sonic Youth – not only because he sings and plays bass woman Eimer Devlin. There is no way in the case of [The] caseworker does not refer to the British scene. The material on the album was partly recorded in Cornwall in the studio Farm2, led by Neil Halstead (Slowdive former member). In several passages of American musicians gave a mood that can be found in the compositions of Slowdive from the 90s

Music [The] caseworker is also a characteristic of sleepy and slow pace, which sometimes comes on top of a slightly depressed mood, associated with the stage slowcore’ową (Codeine, Low and Red House Painters).

Peeling back all the associations and speculations, the album “Voices Out There” is a piece of solid play.I appreciate the melodies that he composed the guitar Conor Devlin, as well as imaginative and original bass parts Eimer Devlin. The band recorded a coherent album, which is not coming apart at the proverbial sides. Sophisticated savings in means a great asset to their composition; musicians do not przekombinowali with an excess of ideas. The bottom line is that he wants to come back to the recordings [The] caseworker. I hope that their plate – and the same group – gets more attention in our country.