[The] Caseworker’s Voices Out There is their 4th album, and it’s been promoted by two tasty singles; the album’s title track, as well as the stunning “Dependence Day”. Depp-cored dream-pop for heart and soul.

With the 12 track Voices Out There Conor Devlin (vocals, guitar) and Eimer Devlin (vocals, bass), accompanied by drummer Will Waghorn and producer (and additional guitars) Monte Vallier have probably made their best album so far. The songs tread the dark side of pop, in moods, manners, and feelings. As I said when reviewing “Dependence Day” they create “…perfect guitar-pop melancholia. Sadness painted in bright colours.” This is far from the cherry and merry guitar pop. [The] Caseworker move in the shades and in landscapes of gloom and doom. That said, they are not a total doomsday ballroom band. This is not music for ‘end times’ only. Their music do hold glimpses of daylight and colours as well, even though this is the pale and bleak edition of the colour palette. To quote Rolling Stone: “…extract darkness from inside whispery, ambient pop… completely enraptured and awesomely dazed”. [The] Caseworker serve strong tales of describing darkness and trauma, musically and vocally delivered with enigma and empathy.

Conor and Eimer share the vocals, and this also adds fine nuances to their songs and sound patterns. Best songs, besides the amazing “Dependence Day” and the fine title track (with lyrics based on Conor’s morphine hallucinations experienced while hospitalized in Switzerland), are “Morgen-Colla”, “Ultramarine”, “The Inside View” (with its short ‘reprise’ “The Outside View”), “Negatives”, and the closing ‘couple’ “Effi Enters the Boat” and “Effi Leaves the Boat”. Voices Out There is a very fine listen. It is a majestic album with spellbinding songs.”

Luna Kafe