[The] Caseworker’s awesome new album Letters From The Coast is recieving deserved love from press and radio following its recent release. The album is charting in the top 30 at both KJHK and Bagel Radio and has started to recieve strong airplay across other US college radio. More charting news soon!

Letters From The Coast has also received a bunch of glowing reviews and press over the last few weeks in such fabulous publications and blogs as DOA, Noise, Rave Magazine, Groovemine and The Pop! Stereo.

“Without leaning too heavily on foot pedals and production, and utilising some highly defined instrumental dynamics, Letters From The Coast has as much resonance and melodic energy as any of the bands and musicians whose work [The] Caseworker draw their influence from, and it succeeds fully as a complete album. Conor Devlin’s guitar playing can stand alongside that of Frank Black and Graham Coxon, also that of Ian McCulloch in its structured and sustained composition, making every note count and blending the country rock vibes and swirling powerchordage into new and kaliedoscopic shapes. Anyone whose album colllection is incomplete without Ocean Rain, Grand Prix and Park Life will find an equally prominent space in it for this twelve track masterpiece.” – DOA

Head to the HSR Store to download the single ‘National Runner’ for free and to buy the album on CD or in digital format!

[Th]e Caseworker – ‘Boats’