[The] CaseworkerHidden Shoal Recordings is proud to announce the release of the new single ‘National Runner’ by garage-dreampop trio The Caseworker.

With ‘National Runner’, The Caseworker have an instant pop classic on their hands. The song’s consummate balance of drone and chime features a heady mix of hypnotic guitars and driving rhythm section, all perfectly offset by Conor Devlin’s starry-eyed vocal. Learning that the track is an ode to famed Ethiopian Olympic long-distance runner Miruts Yifter makes all the more sense after being doused in its heady atmosphere.

“The Caseworker extract darkness from inside whispery, ambient pop… completely enraptured and awesomely dazed” Rolling Stone

‘National Runner’ opens the band’s forthcoming third album Letters From The Coast, which sees The Caseworker continue to deliver their own unique sonic magic. The album has the feel of a shoegazing Velvet Underground reared by the Flying Nun label, creating an enigmatic intimacy and atmosphere, which the band wrap around immaculately crafted pop songs like smoke. Perfectly intoxicating. Letters From The Coast (Hidden Shoal, 2011) was recorded by Monte Vallier (also of the band Swell) at San Francisco’s Ruminator Audio Studios (Young Prisms, Weekend, Tommy Guerrero).

‘National Runner’ is available now as a free download. Read a full press release here. Letters From The Coast is out 22 Sept, 2011.

[The] Caseworker – ‘National Runner’ by Hidden Shoal