“Ambient garage-dream poppers [The] Caseworker has got a new single ready, off their new album Voices Out There (to be released October 24th). The trio’s new efforts are produced by Monte Vallier (Swell) and recorded at Neil Halstead’s (Slowdive) UK studio.

The band was formed by Conor Devlin (vocals, guitar) and Eimer Devlin (vocals, bass), as a duo (in prior to Caseworker, they were Half Film), while drummer Will Waghorn joined in later when performing live wasn’t a two-some job. Now producer Monte Vallier, was also no-board as an extra guitar player at the time. Voices Out There will be their fourth album, following Letters From The Coast. I’m really looking forward to it because “Dependence Day” is a smashing, fabulous song! [The] Caseworker roam the lo-fi guitar-pop valley. I was just about to name-drop Flying Nun Records, and – Hey! – That is what’s mentioned in the press material (‘…the feel of a shoegazing Velvet Underground reared by the Flying Nun label – the perfect balance of drone and chime’). The guitars sparkle, the basslines is a comfortable mattress, and the drums and cymbals are clean and steady. On top, there is Devlin’s voice – dark, rustic, sober, and quite fitting guidance for listening to the song.

I will line up to check the album. “Dependence Day” is so distinct and focused, so intense and enigmatic it is just perfect guitar-pop melancholia. Sadness painted in bright colours.”

Luna Kafe