“Typically turned in the high calibre sonic intimacy that we’ve come to love and adore from the hidden shoal imprint, this be from Target Archery, the second single (‘soujourn’) therein from a newly peeled set due to arrive shortly by the name ‘clock of the long now’. Target Archery, for the uninitiated among you, is the solo project of Ambrose Knock, who in a parallel musical life cobbles together svelte sonic sweetness in the guise of Apricot Rail who one time or another used to adore these pages to much swooning fondness. Measured in his trademark softening detail, ‘soujourn’ is delicately spirited away in a quietly blossoming and picturesque shyness, harvested upon undulating rustic cascades and the lolloping drift of a sun speckled lilting ramble, it fizzes with a softly wakening joyous dizziness whose advancing homecoming dimpling collides perfectly at the 2.00 point momentarily elevated by a tingling rush of feel good bliss haloed euphoria.”

The Sunday Experience