Awesome Perth label and general doers of musical good Love Is My Velocity have set up a Pop-Up local music store as part of the WAMI Festival. In the words of the good LIMV folk,

“For the first time, LIMV present a pop-up local music shop to promote Perth’s hardworking independent labels. Come by 54 Lake Street (opposite the Elephant & Wheelbarrow) browse through a great range of CDs, records, vinyl, t-shirts, merchandise and related products. Stock is sourced from a thriving community of local labels, including Meupe, Hidden Shoal, Walking Horse Records, Badminton Bandit, Owls, Heartless Robot and Jarrah Records. The goods of the independent Perth bands and musicians are also represented. For local music lovers this will be the place to score hard-to-find wares and new special edition merchandise. For those newbies it’s the perfect introduction to a wealth of WA music.”

Hidden Shoal has also provided some freebies as if there wasn’t already enough incentive to wrap yourself in the splendour that is Perth music. Perth peeps should get their collective asses down to the store at 54 Lake St from Wednesday 19 May to Sunday 23 May between 11am and 9pm. Besides the store LIMV have also set up the Takeaway Tunes Temporary Recording Studio where a bunch of amazing Perth bands and artists will record tracks that will be uploaded to the LIMV site for free download. You can even stare the band out as they try to concentrate during the sessions (staring contests not endorsed bu Hidden Shoal)! Check times and details here.