Summon the Birds Sign to Hidden Shoal

Summon The BirdsHidden Shoal is proud to announce the signing of Melbourne band Summon the Birds. Summon the Birds flash out the shadows of the sky, spinning tales of fallen kings, dissected criminals, Arctic exploration, cloud riding and London rain. Imagine latter-day Talk Talk picking the locks to Spoon’s basement as The Drones circle, restless, looking for the pink pill…

Singer-songwriter Jonathan Shaw and bassist/producer Peter Woodlands began the band in 2007, with Kris Arrowsmith joining on drums, and guitarist Tim Clarke seduced into the fray after the dissolution of instrumental shoegaze band Bury the Sound. Their debut album 48, based on the I Ching, saw release in 2012, closely followed by single ‘Digger’ in 2013. The seeds of second album Blood Love were sown back in 2009, with song sketches dreamt up by Shaw massaged into shape in the band’s Hurstbridge rehearsal room. In 2014, bassist Drew Corby replaced Peter Woodlands, and the recording of Blood Love began in earnest.

Summon the Birds’ second album Blood Love will see release late 2017, preceded by single ‘London Tap Water’ on 7th August. The album was recorded by producer and engineer Tim Johnston (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Dandy Warhols, The Drones). Read more about Summon the Birds here.


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