Arnaud SigonneyHidden Shoal is excited to present the debut solo release from Lunar Landscape‘s Arnaud Sigonney. In contrast to the epic, progressive sound of Lunar Landscape, this solo EP finds Sigonney exploring a neo-classical palette of piano and strings. The title, which translates as “dreams never go away,” evokes the lush, romanticised realms of the imagination, in which these graceful compositions find their expression. From the eerie, stripped-back “Les Roses Noires” to the ghostly choral voices of “Cathédrale,“ Les Rêves Ne Disparaissent Jamais! is vividly cinematic, despite its succinct, 12-minute run-time.

The EP is available now via Spotify, Bandcamp and all other good online stores. The music of Arnaud Sigonney is available for licensing (master & sync cleared) for film, tv, web and more through Hidden Shoal. Please contact us for more details.