Hidden Shoal Recordings is excited to announce the release of ‘Head In The Sand’ by Craig Hallsworth-led  West Australian outfit Tangled Star. The track is the first single to be taken from their forthcoming album Let’s Adjourn To The Garden (18th June 2013). The track is available now for free download from the Hidden Shoal Store.

‘Head In The Sand’ streamlines Tangled Star’s inimitable hooks and melodic turns into an immediately addictive and electric slice of slow burn power-pop. The glowing roar of overdriven guitars combined with the song’s endearingly ramshackle sway evokes wide-open roads and cracked sunglasses, with potholes and detours along the way. Craig Hallsworth’s unmistakable vocals and lyrical playfulness, and the incongruous but strangely heartbreaking piano outro, make for classic Tangled Star.

“The rich, gentle roil of sound evidenced on Our Man in Eden Hill, the band’s third overall release, has the same surging, warmly anthemic sound of stellar forebears galore, each sonically different — the Triffids, Died Pretty, perhaps most inevitably the Go-Betweens — but which altogether seem to capture a sense and a style more than might be guessed, something detailed, mournful, and a little crushing even at its strongest…”All Music Guide on Our Man In Eden Hill

Distilling elements of indie-rock with Craig Hallsworth’s wonderful dust-and-liquor-coated vocals and twisting lyrics, Tangled Star weave their own magic place. Through the music’s exultant shifts and wandering detours the band manages to make once familiar territory foreign and offset. Their wonderfully titled new collection Let’s Adjourn To The Garden is, in typically contrarian fashion, their least bucolic offering yet, blending more driving power-pop flavours into their distinctive soup of song. For the uninitiated, Hallsworth has been a mainstay of the Perth indie scene, fronting seminal Australian 80s swamp rockers The Bamboos and going on to front bands such as The Healers, Outstation, The Slow Beings and now Tangled Star.