“One thing I like about reviewing records is that I can usually count on getting at least one really good sleeping record every time I get a package from the ol’ Foxy D headquarters. Not that I’m expecting a Stars Of The Lid album every time, but I usually end up with a gem on par with this one from Sleeping Me (Clayton McEvoy).

This album consists of 10 melodic, focused instrumental guitar pieces. There’s plenty of reverb and sweeping background effects, but this doesn’t feel like a mere “drone” record, the songs feel alive and breathing. As far as I can tell, all of the music (aside from some keyboard stabs on one track) was created solely by guitar, which makes the lush, oceanic feel all the more impressive. And yes, even though I already pegged this album as a record that sounds great while you’re trying to doze off, there’s really a lot going on if you pay attention.

You definitely won’t regret seeking this disc out, but if you want a quick taste, there’s a Sleeping Me EP release called “Lamenter” at archive.org for your listening pleasure. 8/10″

Foxy Digitalis