Exceprt: “Salli Lunn has generated some formidable buzz in the blogosphere… Heresy & Rite is a damn good listen. What Salli Lunn attempt on this record is to redefine the entire meaning of post-rock. Instead of a well-rehearsed, concise and cohesive album, Salli Lunn persistently avoid any repetition or similar themes – and take every opportunity to push their music into new territories and expand on their own musicianship. This is a highly risky approach and one that could have easily turned the record into just another failed attempt at experimentalism. But on Heresy & Rite, this act of innovation and unpredictability delivers with extreme accuracy… With a startling lack of predictability… Heresy & Rite puts a new name on the Danish music map: Salli Lunn. Remember this name, for this Danish quartet is here to stay.”

No Ripcord