Excerpt: “Danish four piece Salli Lunn have a sound that is likely to divide both critical opinion and listeners generally. The band blend elements of experimental noise-rock, post-punk and even veer toward post-rock, compositional structures rather than ‘songs’. All this adds up to a difficult listening experience. Scales go down when you expect up, and vice versa, wrong-footing the listener at every turn…. Confusion, sleight of hand, twist of fate – Heresy and Rite functions. It is skillful and occasionally excellent but I must add that it is entirely not to my own personal taste… Yet it is imaginative and dare I say distinctive… There’s a power here and dynamism to Salli Lunn that you don’t find all that very often, even in post-rock circles. The album is superbly produced by Jonas Munk (Manual). Its traumatized subject matter and Lasse Skjold’s bruised vocal delivery are other plus points.”