Excerpt: [loosely translated] “… One of the best albums of the year 2010 contained in the final sprint is from Denmark. Point. The band is called Salli Lunn and, with “Heresy And Rite” fresh wind in the noise-rock universe. Point…. The album will be released on the Australian label Hidden Shoal Recordings (initially only) digital form and on CD & vinyl. Point. The post-rocking, psychedelic, progressive shoegazer noise-rockers Salli Lunn have cut me with their debut “Heresy And Rite” of felt slippers…. Even while listening to “The First Cause” I was driven to the wall, the accolade for the song of the week was thus inevitable. Perhaps not the absolute highlight, but a breathtakingly good song “Mirror Girl”, is milled with beats, the whirring Giarrensounds creating a brilliant singing in the ears. A psychedelic guitar orgy, driven by drums and bass, and always on the Twelve, it is never better…. Between Soft and Hard of pop flashes, through the walls of guitars, the songs all sound fresh and intoxicating.  You only have to hear the fulminate finale “The First Cause” to understand it’s a remarkable debut. Flushed with power it is simulated in over seven minutes until calm beauty dream-pop, and then with chopped rhythms and hard guitar sounds that really throttle, the specialist Progressive and Post-Rock to go to the end with Noise-Gewaber listeners the last nonsense drive off. And the best thing in the end, “Heresy And Rite” is growing day by day.”