Hidden Shoal Recordings is excited to anounce the release of album A Frame of Reference by Danish spectral noise-rock quartet Salli Lunn, which comprises remixes of songs from their stunning debut album Heresy and Rite, plus all-new songs. The album kicks off in fine style with Scott Solter’s remix of ‘Mirror Girl’, on which the in-demand producer, musician and remixer pares back the original’s spidery postpunk guitars to bring a lurching industrial rhythm section to the fore. Markus Mehr’s dizzying take on single ‘Parachutes Forever’ brings sizzling amp hum into juxtaposition against a double-speed guitar loop, snatches of the main groove, and Lasse Skjold Bertelsen’s vocal, while City Of Satellites transform ‘Fast Cars, Clean Bodies’ into a dreamy electro-rock night cruise.

Heresy and Rite producer Jonas Munk (Manual) takes on ‘The Invention of Steel’, rendering the song a brilliant, cascading and hypnotic krautrock jam. Previously unreleased track ‘50 Kisses’ is reworked by TV Baby as a driving, lo-fi chase scene, while ‘White Sight’, also previously unreleased, rounds out the album in fine style, with its main riff simultaneously drunken and laser-guided in intensity.

“… Salli Lunn persistently avoid any repetition or similar themes – and take every opportunity to push their music into new territories and expand on their own musicianship… on Heresy & Rite, this act of innovation and unpredictability delivers with extreme accuracy.”No Ripcord

A Frame of Reference is available as an exclusive digital release through the Hidden Shoal Store and all good third party online stores. Album Heresy and Rite is also available worldwide in CD and digital formats and for the first time is now available through Hidden Shoal on vinyl. Be sure to check out the awesome music video for Scott Solter’s remix of ‘Mirror Girl’.

Salli Lunn – ‘The Invention of Steel (Manual Remix)’