Hidden Shoal is excited to  announce the release of single ‘50 Kisses (TV-Baby Remix)’ by Danish spectral noise-rock quartet Salli Lunn, taken from their recently released album A Frame of Reference, which comprises remixes of songs from their debut album Heresy and Rite, plus all-new songs.

‘50 Kisses (TV-Baby Remix)’ sees the previously unreleased track from the Heresy and Rite sessions reworked by Denmark’s TV-Baby as a driving, lo-fi chase scene. The track hurtles through your brain like a delirious late-night panic attack, rapid-fire beats ricocheting against woolly bass surge, disorientating echoes and electro squiggles. Then, in its closing seconds, a gorgeous coda of chiming interwoven guitars lulls you to a narcotized sleep, the chaos of the preceding minutes a distant dream.

‘50 Kisses (TV-Baby Remix)’ is taken from remix album A Frame of Reference, which also includes single ‘Mirror Girl (Scott Solter Remix)’ and remixes of Heresy and Rite tracks by Markus Mehr, City Of Satellites and Manual. Previously unreleased track ‘White Sight’ rounds out the album in fine style.

“The Danish noise rockers show on A Frame of Reference the hidden depth of many of their prior songs, as well as willingness to re-envision them on the fly… This is no stopgap release, but an extension of Salli Lunn’s growing confidence… The band’s blend of Krautrock, shoegaze, techno and straight on melodic rock is an addicting stew.”Music Emissions on A Frame of Reference

50 Kisses (TV-Baby Remix)’ is available for free download from the Hidden Shoal Store. A Frame of Reference is available as an exclusive digital release through the Hidden Shoal Store and all good third party online stores. Album Heresy and Rite is also available worldwide in CD, vinyl and digital formats through Hidden Shoal Recordings.

Salli Lunn – ’50 Kisses (TV-Baby Remix)’