‘Sonoran’ is the first single from Kuruvungna, one of two new EPs from US artist REW<<. The Nagiere and Kuruvungna EPs will see cassette and digital release on 3rd December 2019 through Katuktu Collective and Hidden Shoal.

REW<< (Ryan Weber) follows up the release of May’s Salix Babylonica EP with two further neo-classical EPs of exquisite poise. Like the sound of post-ambient duo A Winged Victory for the Sullen unfurling in time-lapse, each EP feels like a melancholic soundtrack to an unseen nature documentary, wistful, mesmeric and full of detail. Rather than aiming for expansiveness, the discreet and patient nature of each track makes its own subtle yet profound gestures, creating a set of miniature interconnected ecosystems that reward close listening.