“Consisting of Erik Nilsson (vocals, guitar), Victor Alneng (bass) and Tomas Eriksson (drums), Swedish trio Otinget blend fragile folk, intricate rock and slow-burn slowcore to create a sound entirely their own. Each member offers their own particular style. Eriksson’s inventive rhythms and Alneng’s melodic lines coalesce around Nilsson’s folky fingerpicked guitar and impassioned vocals, crafting sounds that exceed the sum of their parts through patience and imagination.

Ahead of their upcoming album on Hidden Shoal Records, Otinget have released a new single, title track ‘The Greatest Thing That Never Happened’. With Dungen’s Reine Fiske joining on guitar, the track is a perfect introduction for the uninitiated. The opening minutes creep into life with affectionate warmth, the various elements rising and falling and clicking into place as shuffling drums introduce themselves. The song seems to draw energy from its own growing rhythm, charging an internal energy across a series of ebbs and flows before rising toward its revelatory climax.”

Various Small Flames