Willem GatorExciting news people! A new Willem Gator album is on the way and we have a delicious taster for you. ”Let it disappear and everything will fall into place’ is lifted from the forthcoming album Encyclopedia of Failure which will see release in October. The album follows on from his brilliant 2022 EP Sold Out.

As always Willem Gator’s music is available for licensing across film, tv, web et al through Hidden Shoal.

“From the Italian producer Willem Gator comes an eclectic album of epic melancholic electronica, poised between post rock and clubbing sonority, full of dreamy musical constructions, along six different tracks, for a total of 40 minutes, modulating softly and with cinematic digressions, in now more eclectic passages, at other times more tense and eccentric, always with a strong emotional impact.”Wicked Style on Locked In Syndrome