Sold OutWe’re excited to present ‘Jingle Plaid’, the first track lifted from Italian electronic artist Willem Gator‘s forthcoming EP Sold Out. The track is available to stream via SoundCloud and is accompanied by a beautiful music video. The EP will see release on the 1st March 2022.

Sold Out taps into both the playful, danceable territory of Severed Heads and the focused melodic drive of early Warp releases. ‘2007’ is hypnotic and pulsing, evoking a dreamy, nocturnal landscape. ‘Fragments Vol. 2’ conjures an eerie, almost tribal atmosphere, like Popul Vuh jamming with Dead Can Dance. The five-track release reaches its climax with the 11-minute ‘It Collapse’, which lays elegant yet icy synth tones over stuttering rhythms and a roving, questioning bassline.

Willem Gator is Giuseppe Musmeci, self-taught composer, guitarist, electronic musician and member of the Italian post-rock outfit HC-B. Musmeci’s rich background in electronic music production and keen sense of texture sees him creating highly distinctive music. Willem Gator has performed throughout Europe, sharing the stage with musicians such as FM Einhet (Einsturzende Neubauten), Flying Luttenbachers, Unsane, DJ Spooky, Pansonic, Nobokazu Takemura, U-Cef, Battles and Art Brut.

The music of Willem Gator is available for licensing (film, tv, web, exhibition etc). Head here for more details.