REW (Photo by Joe Wigdahl)We’re excited to present the stunning new single, ‘Salix Amygdaloides’, and its accompanying music video taken from Salix Babylonica, the new EP by REW<<. The EP will see release on the 14th of May 2019. Don’t forget that REW<<‘s music is available for licensing for film, tv, games and more through Hidden Shoal.

Following on from his beautiful 2018 Hidden Shoal EP Conversation Arctique, REW<<’s Salix Babylonica is a perfectly realised series of neoclassical miniatures. Each of the five tracks is centred around the piano, with the spaces around each note delicately coloured with strings and synth, tracing out a gentle, melodic dance. The feel of the EP recalls Nils Frahm’s masterful Felt – in which the incidental sounds of the piano are as important as the articulated notes – as well as the precise minimalism of Julien Marchal’s Insight series. Perhaps most striking, though, is the EP’s emotional pull, with each piece evoking a timeless, melancholic interlude from a perfectly realised short film.