AtmosfereWe’re excited to present the second single from Atmosfere, the forthcoming second album by art-rock duo Moonchy & Tobias. On ‘Dall’Occhio’ (Italian for ‘from the eye’), Moonchy & Tobias’s Atmosfere reaches its dreamy apex as Tobias’s chiming guitar arpeggios and Moonchy’s haunting vocal sound as if they’re emanating from a submarine underworld, bubbling up to the surface in search of redemption.The album will see release on the 18th of October 2019 through Tiny Room Records and Hidden Shoal with pre-orders available now. ‘Dall’Occhio’ can be streamed now over via SoundCloud.

“A journey through the most diverse, beautiful musical landscapes”Dark Life Experience on Moonchy & Tobias

After the exhilarating psychedelic ride of their acclaimed debut, Moonchy & Tobias’s new album Atmosfere is more subdued and subtly intoxicating. Multi-instrumentalist Todd Tobias has crafted a series of bright, labyrinthine soundscapes within which vocalist Pat Moonchy luxuriantly weaves. While the songs on their debut were sung in an imaginary language, here Moonchy sings in her native Italian. Atmosfere feels like a sun-dappled morning after Moonchy & Tobias’s intoxicating dark night of the soul. It’s the perfect companion – but also a succinct and compelling stand-alone that is as beautiful as it is mysterious.

As always this music is available for licensing for film, tv, games and more through Hidden Shoal.