Moonchy & Tobias "Venus Mirror"

We’re excited to announce the release of ‘Delibo, the new single from the forthcoming Moonchy & Tobias EP, Venus Mirror. The single is available now to download via Bandcamp and stream via SoundCloud ahead of the EP release on 5th June through Tiny Room Records and Hidden Shoal. ‘Delibo’ is also accompanied by a beautiful music video from Pat Moonchy.

Venus Mirror is a buoyant follow-up to the brooding, nocturnal atmospheres of the duo’s 2020 release Moonchy & Tobias III, the luminous, soothing Venus Mirror is infused with an almost tropical sway. On ‘Specchio Di Venere’, Tobias’ modulated synth, tuned percussion and acoustic guitar paint a widescreen scene, over which Moonchy’s vocal traces a mesmerizing wordless melody. On the other six tracks, Moonchy sings both in her native Italian and in ancient Latin, her voice soaring and graceful in turns. In the single ‘Delibo,’ the warm major sevenths of jazz are chilled by a shivering wind. ‘Leniter’ brings the EP to a fittingly ambiguous close, setting the listener adrift on see-sawing, reverb-drenched piano lines.

The music of Moonchy & Tobias is available for licensing for film, tv, web and beyond via Hidden Shoal.