Glass Garden Cover ArtHidden Shoal is excited to present the first single lifted from Glass Garden, the fourth album by American neoclassical minimal ambient artist Memorybell. The single is available to stream via SoundCloud and is accompanied by a music video by Australian artist Cam Merton, available to stream via YouTube. The album sees release on the 10th September 2021 through Hidden Shoal.

Created during lockdown and inspired by the science fiction narratives of The Stars My Destination and Silent Running, the new album confronts the ache of loneliness and isolation with a healthy dose of hope. As Outerbridge explains, “At the start of the lockdown, I existed in a state of unease… I revisited many of my old, unreleased recordings, searching for inspiration… I chose four songs that sit well together, tweaked and manipulated them, and created three new, complimentary tracks. Something new from something old. Not a revolutionary concept, but a comforting one, when faced with an existential threat.”

True to the album’s title, the sound palette is organic, reflective and beautiful, as sustained tones bloom into clear space. Bookended by shorter tracks ‘Limbic Drift’ and ‘Here’, the album stretches out on the 17-minute ‘Distant Fire’ and the 11-minute ‘Broken Petals’. Generous in scope and open-hearted in timbre, Glass Garden zeroes in on intimate instrumental tones and expands them into environments to inhabit and explore. 

“Essential to anyone searching for an aural retreat from an over-compressed world of packaged sound… Highly recommended for fans of solo piano and intersected genres, where Brian Eno meets Satie.” – Headphone Commute on Obsolete