MembranesWe’re excited to present the new single, and album pre-orders for Membranes, the 5th LP by American neoclassical ambient artist Memorybell. The album sees release on the 10th of June through Hidden Shoal. The title track is available to stream via SoundCloud and album CD pre-orders are available via Bandcamp.

Membranes is the 5th LP by American ambient artist Memorybell. After three previous releases of modular synth-based daydreams – Solace (2020), No Anchor (2021) and Glass Garden (2021) – multi-instrumentalist Grant Hazard Outerbridge returns to his roots with seven meditative piano pieces, his first album of solo piano since Obsolete (2016).

The songs were recorded at home, and their physical spaces are blended with unreal ones, to mimic the experience of being in two places at once, one real and one imagined. The album explores the liminal regions associated with pain. Between December 2020 and November 2021, Outerbridge was in excruciating pain caused by the side effects of various medications. He underwent multiple surgeries and spent much of the year incapacitated in bed. Membranes is the result. The title is a reference to staring through pain while imagining one is somewhere else.

“Essential to anyone searching for an aural retreat from an over-compressed world of packaged sound… Highly recommended for fans of solo piano and intersected genres, where Brian Eno meets Satie.” Headphone Commute on Obsolete