Hidden Shoal Recordings is excited to announce the release of the new freely downloadable single ‘Sea Years’ by garage-dreampop trio The Caseworker, taken from their acclaimed 2011 album Letters From The Coast.

‘Sea Years’ is the follow-up to first single ‘National Runner’, showcasing another side to the band’s trademark guitar surge. The song’s insistent motorik beat, levitating guitar jangle and Eimer Devlin’s gorgeous airy vocals create a very special blend of dreamy, hypnotic pop minimalism. Light as a feather yet crammed full of gutsy guitar sounds, ‘Sea Years’ is another earworm from The Caseworker. The track is lifted from the band’s third album Letters From The Coast, which sees The Caseworker continue to deliver their own unique sonic magic. The album has the feel of a shoegazing Velvet Underground reared by the Flying Nun label, creating an enigmatic intimacy and atmosphere, which the band wrap around immaculately crafted pop songs like smoke. Perfectly intoxicating.

“a mellow, blissed out sequence of West Coast guitar pop, one that references Green On Red and Teenage Fanclub as much as it does the more abrasive Sonic Youth and monochromatic Velvet Underground whom The Caseworker acknowledge as influences… as much resonance and melodic energy as any of the bands and musicians whose work The Caseworker draw their influence from, and it succeeds fully as a complete album…. Anyone whose album collection is incomplete without Ocean Rain, Grand Prix and Park Life will find an equally prominent space in it for this twelve track masterpiece.” –  Delusions Of Adequacy

“The Caseworker extract darkness from inside whispery, ambient pop… completely enraptured and awesomely dazed”Rolling Stone

Download ‘Sea Years’ for free from the Hidden Shoal Store and if you haven’t yet been educated in the ways of The Caseworker’s brilliant Letters From The Coast you can stream the whole thing here.