Hidden Shoal Recordings today announced the release of new EP The Stones And The Rabbits by Australian lo-fi rock magician Toby Richardson.

In his inimitable bent rock stylings Perth (Western Australia) based Richardson has produced another irreverent indie rock ‘n’ roll gem. ‘Young Sweet Lovers’ kicks off proceedings with all of Toby Richardson’s delicious trademark ingredients: booming drums, fuzzy guitar lines and just-rolled-out-of-bed vocal delivery, married to wonderfully skewed melodicism and Richardson’s innate sense of songcraft. The title track features one of Richardson’s catchiest hooks to date, plus plenty of meandering, harmonised guitar soloing that splits the difference between Dinosaur Jr and an ether-soaked country hoe-down. The track’s disarming lack of pretense plays against Richardson’s affected take on rock as wailing guitars and driving chords quaver and bend in and out of shape. Single ‘King Of All The Moves’ is like a garage band falling endlessly down a cartoon staircase. The track pays homage to dirty rock while turning it inside out and painting it with jelly, creating a soundtrack to some unimaginable ‘70s cop show filled with sequins, half-naked dancers and possibly a dolphin.

“I’m surprised that more people haven’t been talking about Toby Richardson. Take some of the bluesy aspects of Captain Beefheart and mix it with some ’90s college rock sensibilities and you’ve got the Toby Richardson sound. Fuzzed-out lo-fi classic rock is the order of the day, and Toby pulls off this slight ’60s pastiche with panache… By the time you reach the last song, it’s hard not to feel slightly overwhelmed as it is such an exaggerated sound, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t want to simply take a break, and start over again, as its exaggeration is laced with an addictive quality that will have you coming back for more.”It’s Not The Band I Hate It’s Their Fans on debut album Evergreen

The Stones And The Rabbits is available now through Hidden Shoal Recordings on digital and CD. Head to the Hidden Shoal Store for all availability info. Richardson’s debut EP Golden Days and album Evergreen are also available through Hidden Shoal. Read a full press release here and also grab the single ‘King Of All The Moves’ available for free download.

Toby Richardson – The Stones And The Rabbits Toby Richardson – The Stones And The Rabbits