InformHidden Shoal is excited to present ‘Silencer’, the stunning first track from Inform, the epic forthcoming album by enigmatic Belgium project Battlestations. The track is available to stream via SoundCloud ahead of the album’s release on the 30th of April 2020.

Inform is a six-part instrumental suite, composed to be experienced as a whole. Like all great dramatically charged art, tension and narrative thread throughout the album. The listener is immediately transported into a widescreen, otherworldly landscape, where lush synths create a dense atmospheric field, within which piano and guitar trace out delicate figures in the foreground. Each piece unfolds across five, six, seven minutes at a time, building on the previous track’s ambience and branching forth in fresh directions. From the sprawling synth-strings, electronic pulses and anti-gravity guitars of opener ‘Silencer’, through to the precarious emotional peak of finale ‘L’abîme’, the listener is left with no easy resolution.

“If music can be lovely enough to salvage such a soul from the ravages of hell, then this is it.  Orpheus would be proud.”A Closer Listen on Vixit

The music of Battlestations is available for licensing for film, tv, web, games and beyond via Hidden Shoal. Check here for more info.