Arc Lab "Anthem"We’re very excited to announce the release of ‘Through The Burning Glass‘, the first single lifted from the forthcoming Arc Lab album Anthem. On ‘Through the Burning Glass’, Medard Fischer draws inspiration from the majesty of Geogaddi-era Boards of Canada and lends it his own unique twist. Combining deep, propulsive beats with a shifting matrix of synths, the track’s soaring trajectory is truly something to behold.

After years away, Medard Fischer’s Arc Lab project returns with Anthem, a retrofuturistic sci-fi travelogue. Folding classic analogue timbres and detuned FM ambience over fragmented radio broadcasts, forgotten NASA program materials and layers of deep space noise, Anthem is in turns menacing and contemplative, forbidding and epic. The album shifts between claustrophobic tension and widescreen, cinematic expanse. Crushes of static and thundering percussion sit alongside diminutive synth studies, all plotted against an almost palpable narrative of anxiety, struggle and, ultimately, salvation. It’s the grandeur of classic space opera, refracting darkly through a contemporary lens. Anthem sees release through Hidden Shoal on 28th July.

“…one of the most original releases in the IDM field in some time…confounding the set-in-stone rules of a stagnant IDM genre”[sic] Magazine on The Goodbye Radio

Anthem will see release through Hidden Shoal on the 28th of July with pre-orders now available via Bandcamp. First single, ‘Through The Burning Glass’, is available now for streaming via SoundCloud and a beautiful album video teaser is available for streaming at YouTube and Vimeo.